Far to the east across the Kezankian Mts., beyond Turan, past the Vilayet Sea and over the harsh mountains of Kyrkania lie the lands of Khitai, Lemuria and Kambuja. It is from these lands that we have traveled to answer the threat of the Great Grim God that has been foreseen as a threat to all of Chrysagon Hyboria.

The journey was long and dangerous and many of our number were separated as a result. As leader of the expedition and the commander of the forces sent against the threat that lingers here I call out to all my kin to join me and take up arms against tyranny, injustice and the foul who roam these lands!

(OOC): Bound by Blood is a moderate to heavy role playing guild. The guild premise is that of a band of honorable warriors from the far eastern kingdoms of Khitai. Khitai and the surrounding area is the Hyborian equivalent of ancient China, Japan and southern Asia. As such I have adopted the seven virtues of Bushido, Taoism and other asian philosophy as our way of life. We are open to those who do not RP heavy or do not follow the ways of Bushido and Taoism but your character is expected to learn and grow into them as part of advancement within the guild.